Baking with love for my furry friends!

Updated: Apr 10

From store bought to handmade artisan dog treats.

It all started with Bradley, my gorgeous 3 year old French Bulldog, Coco my 7 year old King Charles Cavalier and my big bear Suki the 11 year old Chow Chow. A real Pooch Collection!

All with a variety of different likes and dislikes to shop bought treats.

Chows in general are renowned for their aloof personality, extreme independence, very quiet, exceptionally loyal but Suki is so fussy and has an air of snobbery about her.

King Charles Cavaliers are the total opposite. They are so playful, very affectionate, sociable characters and mega patient but will eat everything in sight and does not know when to stop.

Now that leaves us with Bradley. The French Bulldogs are also very playful, which is just awesome for Coco as they are each others playmate. He is bright, desperate to please, loyal, forever by my side and the most affectionate of them all. Bradley has a palette and a half and only enjoys handmade dog treats, which Hooman Mummy has prepared!

Baking for me allows me to use food to connect and communicate my feelings. Actually cooking/baking from scratch with good quality ingredients, stirred with love and passing that on to my furry babies. Knowing exactly what's in their healthy dog treats and helping them live a healthy and long life!

This was how Pooch Pupcakes & Treats started! Combining my love for baking and dogs was the pawfect match.

Working with the Animal & Plant Health Agency, DEFRA, Trading Standards, Local Council and sending my bakes off to the Laboratory for Microbiology testing ensures that all handmade dog treats are safe and are a healthy snack. We just need to ensure that all bakes are given in moderation and as part of a healthy balanced diet, even when our dogs give us those eyes, which say otherwise!

Thank you for stopping by to check out our artisan dog treats. Whether you're here for my postal bakes or within the area for collection, I am sure you won't be disappointed.

picture of three three dogs owned by Pooch Pupcakes & Treats

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